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Contacting Marcia

Hello and welcome to The Printed Page,

This is my personal book blog where I write about and discuss everything books in my world. The Printed Page is dedicated solely to books and the book world. My name is Marcia. Please use this form for general inquires or correspondence.

By the Chapter participants:
Please be sure to include the following when contacting me. 1 ~ book title from the selection list or a title you’d like me to consider, 2 ~ date or dates you’re available for hosting duties, 3 ~ alternate titles and dates as I fill weeks on a first come, first serve basis.


Authors & Publishers:
If you have a book that you are promoting and would like an avid reader’s opinion, please feel free to contact me. Generally I find myself reading adult popular fiction, memoirs, historical fiction & some non-fiction, mystery, crime, travelogues, and women’s fiction. I’m open to reading different genres though I don’t read science fiction, fantasy, poetry or self-help books. I hope you will take a moment to look at my blog.

I’m always happy to receive review requests. While I can’t guarantee I’ll love the book, I will provide a fair and honest review. Please contact me, by filling in the big blank box with your details, and let’s start a discussion about your book.

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