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By the Chapter Participant Guidelines

Thank you to J. Kaye for letting me ‘borrow’ her original Noontime Book Chat guidelines. I’ve tweaked them a bit to fit By the Chapter.

By the Chapter is a week long book event. It starts on Monday and ends on Friday.

To say this is like a book club would be a serious exaggeration. Host and co-host(s) read the featured book and post to their respective blogs, on their host day, a summary of where they are in the book and their thoughts and feelings about what they’ve read. Hosting bloggers are encouraged to post in the morning, or late the night before, so that visitors can stop by throughout day and follow the book’s progress. Visitors are encouraged to participate by commenting on the hosting blogs.

When 2 Bloggers Participate:

We alternate days. I usually take Monday, which is the introduction post, and Wednesday. The co-host of By the Chapter will take Tuesday and Thursday. On our days, we post about what section we are reading. Since we do have a life outside of blogging, usually kids and work, I’ve found it better not to assign pages. Then we both do a wrap up post. 

When 3 Bloggers Participate:

Each blogger will post an intro on Monday and a wrap up on Friday. Then, each blogger will take one of the remaining days (Tu – Th) and post about what section s/he is reading at the time. Who takes what day is decided ahead of time. 

When 4 Bloggers Participate:

Each blogger will take a day M – Th and then all bloggers will post wrap up on Friday. Like with three bloggers, the M – Th will be divided up ahead of time.

When 5 Bloggers Participate:

You heard the more the merrier? That’s exactly what happens when five bloggers get together for a week of By the Chapter. For this, we divide the week up where each blogger has a day to post. The days are divided up before the week begins.

Ready to co-host a week of By the Chapter ? If yes! Please contact me.

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