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Pondering the pages ~ Day 7

January 30, 2009

Today’s pondering:

I read this book so fast I didn’t even have time to post a starting or mid-point Pondering before I was finished with it. This is second book I’ve read this month titled The Ride. While both books were different kinds of rides both tugged at my emotions.

theridetombrandnerI’ve found myself a new horror author. Man oh man this book has the creepy factor. My only problem is this author doesn’t have a very big back list for me to read my way through. His has one other book in print, The Rain and he’s working on his third, tentatively titled The Lord of All Imaginary Things . The Ride by Tom Brandner has your requisite things that go bump in the basement, shadows that pass across your line of sight, the crawly things that come up out of the river and variety of other other worldly beings. It was squeamish in places, I was squirming in my chair, but not so over the top that it made me gag. I give it a high Ew! rating. It was extremely fast paced and at times my heart was pounding. It reminded me a lot of Dean Koontz’s earlier novels and I love those books. While it didn’t keep me up with nightmares and wondering what was lurking in the deep, dark corners of my house. It did keep me up turning pages long past when I should have been snuggled fast asleep in bed. The 346 pages flew by and putting it down was a struggle. I have to admit I love the battles of good vs. evil. The triumphant of right over wrong. Getting a ‘do over’ and getting it right. Sparks flew, lighting cracked, the sky darkened and we lived to fight another day. Sign me up to read this author’s work any time.

Title: The Ride
Author: Tom Brandner
Publisher: Grey Swan Press
Publication date: April ’09
Pages: 346
Genre: Horror
Challenges: ARC/’09 Pub/New author


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  1. January 30, 2009 2:23 pm

    So glad to hear you had a good time with this book! While checking out his other works on Amazon I saw “The Rain” and it sounds terrific 🙂
    I’m having the big debate right now about ordering it as there are some others I want but The Ride was so good that I’ll break down.

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