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Pondering the pages ~ Day 4

January 24, 2009

Today’s ponderings:

thelifeplanI finished The Life Plan last night. I left off yesterday with Kat wanting to return to the States with Dan and continue living the life they’d mapped out together. Dan, well he has other ideas, which gets Kat thinking that there just might be something to this philosophy. Kat decides to live life as Dan is doing and spread the love. Jean Paul – well it turns out that he does want something from Kat but it’s not what you’re thinking nor is it underhanded and devious. Susan, Kat’s best friend and cynical divorce attorney, ends up with life that Kat’s always dreamed of. It turns out that Kat’s mom and Nigel are doing just fine thank you very much. And Kat, let’s just say, she’s getting on with her life. She leaves Thailand with it’s wild jungle sex and alcohol filled nights behind returning to Washington D.C. And her life plan, those hopes and dreams for Dan and herself? Well you’ll need to read the book yourself and find out.

I enjoyed this book and will bet that readers of chick lit, light romance, and women’s fiction will also enjoy it. I’d say it’s the perfect beach vacation book.

Title: Life Plan
Author: Sybil Baker
Publication date: March ’09
Publisher: Casperian Books
Pages: 192
Genre: Chick lit, romance, women’s fiction
Challenges: ARC/’09 Pub/New author/eBook

soulcatcherAfter finishing The Life Plan last night I dove right into Soul Catcher by Michael White. So far I’m enjoying it but then I only got through Chapter 1. Cain, the soul catcher, appears to be a conflicted and complex man. While I haven’t gotten much into his background the little I have read leads me to believe there’s more here than meets the eye. If things keep as they are I expect this will be very good book. Stay tuned as I’m hoping work will be quiet today and I can get some serious reading time.


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  1. January 25, 2009 6:26 pm

    Life Plan is going right on my list. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on your Ponderings posts as you made your way through the book. I think this is a terrific way to put a little twist on the regular review style.
    Thank you. The stress of not thinking about posting a book review makes writing Ponderings very enjoyable.

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