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Pondering the pages ~ Day 3

January 23, 2009

Here I am yet again pondering. I’m beginning to think this is the best decision I’ve made this year. I know we’re only 23 days in but the relief at going this route is tremendous.


Today’s ponderings:

thelifeplanI started  The Life Plan by Sybil Baker yesterday.

Here’s a snippet from the web site: Like many women, Kat Miller dreams of having a satisfying career, a loving family, and a house of her own. But Kat has taken things further than most, documenting her dreams in a “Life Plan,” so that nothing will go wrong. Yet something has: Dan, her husband of five years. Kat suspects that Dan, recently unemployed, is spending more time in yoga class with his beautiful classmate than he is looking for a job. When Dan announces that he has enrolled in a massage course in Thailand, Kat is convinced she has to go with him to save her marriage.

So I sat down last night with The Life Plan and read 3/4 of the book. That would be through Chapter 18 of 25. I can’t tell you how many pages as Kindles don’t have page numbers (it’s listed as 192 pgs). They run on section numbers so that no matter what type size you change it to you can always go back to exactly the same spot by using a section number. So far so good. It’s fast paced and what I’d consider a good beach book. Nothing too mind challenging but it’s holding my interest. It must be if I got that far in one sitting.

A bit about what I’ve read to this point…

Kat’s ‘Life Plan’ has gone terribly off track. In fact so far off track she might want junk it altogether or write a new one. All she wanted was a loving, one-woman man, a beautiful home and children. Not too much to ask considering that’s the dream a lot of people have. Well it appears that Dan wants his cake and his Kat. Dan wants to spread the love, literally, but come home to his loving Kat. She, on the other hand, just wants Dan and her ‘Life Plan’. Kat has followed Dan to Thailand where he’s supposedly pursuing a career in massage. Yeah, right! If we let our minds wander, as they’re wont to do, we get a pretty good idea of where this massage is headed. Kat’s quest to redeem Dan is aided by her best friend Susan, a divorce attorney. Maybe aided isn’t the best description as she’s advocating leaving him and moving on but so far she’s standing by Kat.

Along the way Kat’s mom has Kat worried.  She’s taken up with Nigel whom Kat’s just sure is after mom’s money. Mom has taken off on a Mexican vacation with Nigel, returned home, opted for early retirement, bought an RV and is set to spend her golden years with Nigel. BTW – she’s just meet Nigel. Living for the moment kind of thing.

Like Kat doesn’t have enough to worry about between Dan and her mom. Along comes Jean Paul who is helping Kat or is he?


soulcatcherNext up will be Soul Catcher by Michael White. I am so stoked to get reading this one. Not only am I big fan of civil war history but it’s February selection for the Historical Fiction Lovers book club at Face Book. Jennifer at The Literate Housewife Review started this book club last December (2 months ago) and already it’s been selected as the January Book Club of the Month. Way to go Jenn! Read her post here.

From Amazon: Like Huck Finn, 17-year-old Augustus Cain lights out for the territory, leaving his father’s farm for the adventure of the Mexican-American War. But the carnage of combat strips him of his idealism and the full use of one of his legs, leaving him addicted to laudanum. He soon falls back on his uncanny skill for tracking runaway slaves, vowing after every job that he will give up the occupation. But over the course of decades, his love of liquor and gambling inevitably leaves him low on funds and in need of another job, and so he sets out again, this time in search of Rosetta, a proud, light-skinned house slave dearly prized by her owner. Over the course of the long journey from Virginia to Boston and back, Augustus forges an intense bond with Rosetta, who has suffered sexual abuse and worse at the hands of her owner; for the first time, Augustus is able to fully see the sordidness of his profession. Historical novelist White’s heartbreaking story is slow to build but devastating in its final impact.


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