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Noontime Book Chat | The Ride by Jane Kennedy Sutton

January 22, 2009

therideThis week’s featured book here at Noontime Book Chat is The Ride by Jane Kennedy Sutton. It’s just over 200 pages and a fast-paced, wild read. J. Kaye and I have both finished reading and decided today would a perfect day to cap off this chat.


This is a book to get the chat juices flowing. I know both J. Kaye and myself got our knickers in a twist over this one yesterday (check out the chat). If you’re looking to get your face-to-face book group talking this just might be ticket though be prepared to not like any of the main characters.

But to pick up where I left off Tuesday…

Barbie has decided to leave Ken, thank goodness for this small miracle. Finally the girl has her brain cells working. She’s decided to embark on a road trip with Michael, the love of her life after only knowing him 7 days. Oops maybe the brain cells are starting to backfire on her. But before this road trip starts Ken convinces Barbie, none to politely I might add, to assist him with his backyard roller coaster project by being a guinea pig for a trial ride. Well of course things literally go off track and, lo’ and behold, Michael is right there to save the day. It’s uncanny (ha!) how he just appears when the damsel is in distress.

Mr Handsome guy swoops in, saves Barbie and off on their merry way they go. Things are moving along quite nicely for Barbie. Wined, dined and ravished. For her things are looking up. This is best she’s been treated in years. But alas as we all know when things are looking this good trouble’s right around the corner. And big trouble it is. I always thought there was something a little ‘off’ with Mr. Handsome guy. His shady dealings make an appearance in true con artist fashion and poor judgement Barbie is left empty-handed.

But not to worry for too long. Barbie manages to land with her feet firmly planted, standing upright to face another day. The ending was tidy and tied up in a big bow for Barbie, almost too easy after everything else that has gone on.


This book was addictive reading. It’s like a drug you know is bad for you but you still want it. I call it a ‘rubber neckin’ book. It’s like the accident you just know you should look away from but can’t. It just keeps drawing you back for another peek. Even though I didn’t like any of the characters the author does a credible job of writing so that you want to, almost have to, know how this story turns out. I was a compulsive page turner.

The men, Ken and Michael, were down right despicable, cruel, mean, evil and under-handed. I’ve even run out of adjectives for Ken. While Michael isn’t nearly as bad as Ken he isn’t a saint by any stretch of the imagination.

And Barbie well it’s better that you don’t even get me started on her characater. Let’s just say her thought processes could use some vast improvement.


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Title: The Ride
Author: Jane Kennedy Sutton
Publisher: ArcheBooks Publishing
Publication date: August ’08
Page: 228
Genre: fiction
Challenges: ARC/New author/eBook


This has been a wonderful and truly fun book event experience. I’d like to thank J. Kaye for co-hosting with me and putting up with my brainless Barbie moment Monday.

sarahskeyI look forward to doing this again the 2nd week of February with Dar at Peeking Between the Pages. Our featured book will be Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. Ms. de Rosnay has written a guest post to be published Friday of book chat week.

  1. January 22, 2009 12:38 pm

    I totally agree. This was a seriously emotional read. Normally when I say that, it means a tearful book. THE RIDE showed me there are more than a couple of ways to feel about a book. I am really glad I didn’t read this book alone. Reading it with you this week only intensified the experience. What fun!

    Awesome good time and please keep me posted on the author’s guest post. I really look forward to that one. 🙂

  2. January 23, 2009 9:10 am

    I left this same comment on J. Kaye’s blog as well.

    I want to thank you both, J. Kaye and Marcia, for including The Ride in your noontime chats. It was a surreal, nerve-wracking and exciting experience for me. I appreciate the kind words and learned much from your comments. I am thrilled that you found the book a page turner and would consider reading my next book – what more can an author ask for!

    I will be happy to do a guest post anytime. Feel free to contact me.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

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