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Book Review | Divorcing Dwayne by J.L. Miles

December 29, 2008

divorcingdwaynejpgDivorcing Dwayne
Web site for J.L. Miles
Cumberland House Publishing, April ’08
325 pages
Book provided by the author and Pump Up Your Book Promotions
Book #120/08

From Amazon: Divorcing Dwayne is the first volume in a three-book series featuring Francine Harper and her no-good husband, Dwayne. As the series is set in rural Georgia, the author calls the category “Grits-Lit.”

As Divorcing Dwayne opens, Francine is in jail, facing felony assault charges for shooting at Dwayne and his stripper-lover, Carla, from the Peel ‘n Squeal, a restaurant and local hangout. She had caught them together — in the very bed her daddy had carved and given to them at their wedding — and let go with both barrels. She hit the bed but missed Dwayne and Carla. In spite of her humiliation, in the course of the story Francine discovers strengths, divorces Dwayne, and regains her dignity via her trials (and court trial) and many errors along the way. Aided by her best friend, Ray Anne Pickles, Francine manages to run afoul of the law on several occasions, but in the end, she is vindicated.

Having just finished book 1 in this delightful series I’m ready for book 2 but alas I have wait until May of next year. So back to Divorcing Dwayne.

This is truly southern fiction at it’s best. I can hear those accents in my sleep. What a cast of characters Ms. Miles has created. There’s Francine who is in and out of trouble at every turn. Her best friend Ray Anne who is sure to be at her side every step of the way whether it’s racing through town in Ray Anne’s convertible or eavesdropping on the bad guys and plotting to spoil their big plans. These two gals can find trouble where there isn’t any. Then there is the despised Dwayne, the husband/ex husband, who appears to be the cause of all Francine’s troubles. Francine’s mom and dad who make appearances but seem to blend into the background. Her sister Trudy and Nanny Lou, Francine’s Grandma. Nanny Lou is without a doubt a hoot and my favorite character in this series. Nanny Lou has a saying for every situation and rolls with the flow like a true Southern lady.

There’s plenty going on in Pickville Springs to keep a reader turning pages. From the town’s annual Pig Pull to Francine’s marriage, subsequent trial and acting debut. From Dwayne’s band cutting a CD, his sneaking around with the stripper from the Peel-N-Squeal and supposed illegal activities and disappearance. You won’t be bored spending time with this gang. They keep you hopping from one page to the next. I’m looking forward to reading Dear Dwayne come this spring. Though I did, at times, feel like I was reading a book that had consumed too much caffeine as we sped along that’s minor compared to all the fun contained within these pages.

I’d like to thank Dorothy for this tour stop.

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    Sounds like a fun read!

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