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‘Waiting on’ Wednesday ~ December 24th

December 23, 2008

Jill at Breaking the Spine hosts Waiting on Wednesday. This week’s pre-publication ‘can’t-wait-to-read’ selection is:


Title: The Fortune Teller’s Daughter
Author: Lisa Shaara
Publication date: December 30, 2008

From Fantastic Fiction:
One card said Death, another pictured a lightning-struck tower. These dreamlike images and their names meant nothing to him, but she knew what they meant: violence, an uncertain future, danger.

Harry Sterling has lost much in recent years: his brother, his marriage, his job, his self-esteem. A teaching post at a small college in northern Florida has given him an opportunity to reevaluate his life and reconnect with his teenage son. But Harry is above all a reporter, so when he stumbles upon a rumor about physicist Charles Ziegart-world-famous for a breakthrough discovery in electrical conductivity-he feels compelled to investigate. Could it be true that the highly respected scientist stole the credit for the ‘Ziegart Effect’� from one of his students?

Harry’s pursuit of the story leads him into extremely unlikely and colorful company-the notorious Purple Lady, the fortune teller Madame Dupree, and Miss Baby Thorpe. He also meets the intriguing if peculiar Maggie Roth, a short-order cook with an affinity for the woods, who has suffered terrible losses of her own.

As Harry uncovers more of Ziegart’s secrets, he makes shocking connections between the ivory towers of academic power and the backwoods and sinkholes of north Florida. There are profound reasons why these secrets have been buried for so many years. Each startling new revelation increases the danger to Harry and those he cares about-until at last his investigation exacts a horrifying price.

Blending absorbing drama with powerful suspense, The Fortune Teller’s Daughter is a smart, moving, compellingly imaginative tale. With luminous imagery and fluid prose, Lila Shaara weaves a seductive tale of deep secrets, intellectual intrigue, and electric emotion.

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  1. December 24, 2008 7:49 am

    At least you don’t have to wait long for this one.

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