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Reading Journal | The Dharma King by B.G. Stroh

November 25, 2008

The Dharma King: The Thrilling Novel of One Man’s Quest to Save Tibet–and Himself
B.G. Stroh
Web site for The Dharma King
iUniverse, June 30, 2008
204 pages
Book provided by the author
Book #107/08

From Amazon: An American. A baby. The Chinese Government. And the Race to Save Tibet. The eldest son of a wealthy San Francisco family, Samuel Falk Simms, Jr. has just graduated from college with a life of privilege and power ahead of him. On a whim, he books a flight to Kathmandu that will leave him changed forever. Barely off the airplane, he is fighting for his life while following an obscure map slipped to him by a Buddhist monk. Samuel must find his way in foreign lands and escape from the Chinese Colonel intent on stopping him, as he struggles to forge an authentic path for himself in order to help Tibetans reclaim theirs. “You know ‘Dharma’? Dharma means ‘The Way.’ Each man will have his own way. Each man is ruler of his own way. Each man is his own Dharma King.”

I enjoyed this book. It was a fast read and kept my interest. Admittedly this isn’t a world topic I know a lot about. I can’t say that normally this topic would be my first choice in reading material but it most certainly wasn’t a waste of time. I thought for a debut novel the author did a fine job with his material.


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