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Musing Monday … Book Clubs

September 22, 2008

MizB at Should Be Reading is our host.

This week’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about book clubs!

Do you belong to a book club? Is it online, or face-to-face (f2f)? How long have you been with the group? What have you learned from them? Do you like how the group is run, or would you make changes to it if you could?

I do belong ~ of course I do. Don’t most, if not all, book lovers like to gather with their own kind? Just look at the book blogging community. Now that’s one big, really big, book club (IMO).

OK back the topic at hand ~ book clubs.

I’m a member of a f2f book club. Well that’s probably a polite way to look at it. We meet for dinner once a month and books are a sideline not a highlight. Actually I’m the driving force, the self-appointed founding leader. I’m a certified book hoarder and needed a support group for my addiction. It’s a small group of ladies, 5 of us, and we’re all really good friends. It breaks down like this:

~ One member who is there for friendship and dinner. She reads, maybe, 2-3 books a year.
~ Three members who read an average of 1-4 books a month.
~ Then there’s me who reads and reads and reads.

I pick the titles by searching blogs, book sites, newsletters, etc. and list 3 or 4 selections every month. I keep a separate blog so that the ladies can get the details for the upcoming month. Everyone likes something a little different and some want to explore new genres or authors they wouldn’t necessarily try without some prompting so I try to mix up the selections.

This style of f2f book club probably wouldn’t work for die hard readers but I love the ladies and it works for us.

To fill in the gaps I’ve decided to joined 2 online book groups. This is my first month participating in both and I’ve chosen:

Every Day I Write The Book. This month’s selection is Run by Ann Patchett. I can’t say I’m crazy about the book. It’s not something I would have chosen for myself and that could be a good thing. I needed something to force me out of my reading comfort zone and this has done that. I’m looking forward to Thursday when Gayle will open the group discussion. I’m interested to see how others liked this particular book.

I’m also part of the online book group that Jenn at The Literate Housewife has started. I knew this was coming as she announced it in August but I didn’t see any updates until today when I across it in her Sunday Salon post. Now I’m a bit behind the 8 ball, so to speak, but I’m so excited. This month we’re reading Immortal by Traci L. Slatton. This looks like it will be a lot of fun and it’s a great group of people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in the book blogging community. If you like to join us you can sign up here.


So how ’bout you~ are you a member of a book club or more than one? If so, is it online or f2f? Do you have any online book clubs that you’d recommend to me?

  1. September 22, 2008 3:05 pm

    Happy Musing Monday…and I shared my thoughts in a blog also. I hear you about being part of groups where folks prefer to socialize vs. read the books. Thank God for online groups. 😉
    September will be interesting as my first experience with online book clubs is this month. Two different groups. One read general fiction and the other historical. I did meet with the girls last night and we had our usual hysterical time. Someday we’ll probably get thrown out a restaurant.

  2. September 22, 2008 4:38 pm

    I’m sorry you were blindsided! Blame it all on me!!!
    May I should go the eye Dr. and get this progressive lenses checked! 🙂 There’s no blame at I can see. Geez stop me now before the vision references get out of control. I’ll be ‘see’ing you over at the book club.

  3. November 4, 2008 3:55 am


    I was surfing today and stumbled upon your posting regarding book clubs. I’m one of the founding partners of

    We are an online book club site that is free to join, and allows members to create a club, invite friends, create meetings, and to choose and read books together online. The service is still fairly new, and we are interest in getting feedback on it, as well as getting the word out to people that may be interested in the service. We welcome you to trying out the service free of charge, and welcome to you blog or write about it – good or bad – we appreciate all feedback that helps us improve the service for our members.

    Thank you, and we hope you enjoy!

    Please contact me directly with any questions or assistance.


    Jason Pfeifer
    Community Manager

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