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ARC: Hurry Down Sunshine and a giveaway

August 12, 2008

Hurry Down Sunshine
Michael Greenberg
Other Press, 2008
240 pages
Book provided by Authors on the Web for Other Press

While my life has not been touched by anyone afflicted with a psychiatric illness I felt drawn into this very disturbing, often erratic, bizarrely insightful, young girl’s life. Her father writes in such way that during her first full blown episode I felt myself frantically racing through the pages along with them. Then as the initial episode starts to taper off so does the writing style into a engrossing story of a dysfunctional family dealing with a young adult’s descent into hell and her trip back. Unfortunately her life isn’t turned upside by only this one episode. It continues to affect her and those who love and support and will shape her world and theirs.

This book is thoughtfully written. The author doesn’t gloss over the illness, associated behaviors or treatments. He doesn’t protect or shelter his daughter from the reader. Nor does he defend or condone her actions or behaviors. This is a striped down, bare bones look at a life long illness and the havoc it leaves in it’s path. One aspect I found particularly interesting is the section where the author makes a conscious decision to take a dose of the his daughter’s medication so that he can understand what she is experiencing and feeling first hand. While I don’t recommend his method it make for some very enlightening writing.

I’m currently giving away my copy of this book. Please visit for details.

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  1. August 13, 2008 7:37 pm

    Wow…he took her medicine? That’s so crazy. This book does sound like an intense read, but I always love reading about the things that others often go through…see what it’s like for them, their family. It’s hard to imagine sometimes.
    I hope I win! I’d love to read this book.
    Great review. Glad you liked it so much. I heard about the book for the first time on here, actually.

    All Things Entertainment

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